Our Top 5 Proposal Locations

Every person who has ever proposed will know the angst of trying to find a proposal location with the perfect balance of personal, scenic and memorable aspects. Your partner will recount the proposal story countless times following the engagement and undoubtedly throughout the remainder of her life. Our guide to the top 5 best proposal […]

Pearl: The Birthstone of June

Pearl is the birthstone of June and the only gemstone formed by a living organism. Pearls are formed within the mantle of oysters or mussels. Microscopic irritants lodged in certain molluscs’ shell cause the deposition of concentric layers of calcium carbonate, forming a round pearl. The colour of pearls is usually white or cream, however […]

Emerald: The Birthstone of May

In the northern hemisphere, the month of May falls in the heart of spring. It is only fitting that the gemstone of spring is also the birthstone for May. Famous for their brilliant green hues, the emerald has been a highly sought after stone for jewellery wearers throughout time. The most highly values emeralds are […]