Emerald: The Birthstone of May

In the northern hemisphere, the month of May falls in the heart of spring. It is only fitting that the gemstone of spring is also the birthstone for May. Famous for their brilliant green hues, the emerald has been a highly sought after stone for jewellery wearers throughout time. The most highly values emeralds are […]

How to buy the perfect engagement ring!

The search for an engagement ring is one that is often fraught with stress, confusion, and misinformation. The number of decisions involved in the specific design and details of a ring can be overwhelming for even jewellery industry experts, so what hope does the average man have in navigating this mine field?   Budget: While […]

The Centrestone Philosophy

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance was created to meet a need in the market for choice and maximum protection for peoples most precious jewellery. We believe wearing your jewellery should make your life more wonderful, not stressful. It’s our mission to take the stress away! We understand that jewellery means more to people than just it’s material [...]