Our top 5 Aussie proposal locations by state – Tasmania

The top 5 most romantic proposal destinations in Tasmania


Almost every Australian is currently suffering from a serious and undeniable case of cabin fever. With international borders closed until further notice, there’s never been a better opportunity to explore our own backyard. Usually in the months June through to August there is a large spike in the amount of wedding proposals, corresponding with the European summer travel season. This year, we want our beautiful sunburnt country to be the muse for your dream engagement destination. Over the next few weeks, we will create an inspiration board for each state and territory so that you can plan out the perfect Aussie proposal. First up, let us introduce you to beautiful Tasmania!

The saying “big things come in small packages” is particularly true for tiny Tassie. This little island is packed full of jaw dropping landscapes and breathtaking sceneries, perfect for your special day.


Wineglass Bay

Surrounded by an oasis of lush greenery and crystal blue waters, Wineglass Bay features a stunning stretch of crescent shaped coastline. For the best view in the house, hike to the top of Mount Amos or book a scenic flight to really take in the breathtaking view.


Bay of Fires

As one of Tasmania’s most popular conservation areas, the Bay of Fires is home to gorgeous white sandy beaches and clear sparkling water. The pièce de résistance, however,  are the vivid orange granite boulders which are scattered along the coastline. The striking shore – which stretches from Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point  – makes for a stunning backdrop for a wedding proposal.


The Neck Lookout, Bruny Island

Perfect for nature lovers, this lookout spot boasts panoramic views of the Neck which connects the north and south of Bruny Island. The long stretches of boardwalks make for the perfect viewing platform of the natural inhabitants like fairy penguins.


Cradle mountain

Located 2.5 hours west of Launceston, Cradle Mountain is the pride and joy of Tasmania. The spectacular alpine scenery surrounded by the glass-like surface of Dove Lake provides a proposal location that is sure to take your partner’s breath away!

If your partner is the adventurous type, Cradle Mountain area has plenty of walking tracks, canoeing, abseiling, horse riding and mountain biking locations to explore.


Table Cape – Tulip Farm

Best visited during September and October, Table Cape is home to endless vibrant carpet of tulips. If you are feeling particularly lucky, try and catch a glimpse of aurora australis across the night sky for a truly memorable proposal experience!