Perfectly imperfect: what are “salt and pepper” diamonds?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

If you’ve been searching for something a little different when it comes to engagement rings, chances are you might’ve stumbled across the growing trend of “salt and pepper” diamond rings.


What is a “salt and pepper” diamond?

A “salt and pepper” diamond is chemically no different to the classic white diamond. It’s still made up of the same array of carbon atoms but has a high occurrence of what is called “inclusion.”

Inclusions are imperfections or flaws present in the structure of a diamond. While many diamond ateliers will argue that inclusions devalue a diamond, this is not the case for “salt and pepper” diamonds.

These diamonds have the perfect mix of many white a.k.a. “salt” and black a.k.a. “pepper” inclusions. The result is a striking appearance which can suit antique or alternative designs.

The beautiful thing about “salt and pepper” diamonds is that no two diamonds are alike. Depending on the distribution of flecks, you could end up with a dark and brooding diamond or a lightly speckled grey stone. This creates character and personality unique to your precious ring.


How to pick the perfect salt and pepper diamond

When selecting your forever diamond, it ultimately comes down to your personal preference. Whether you’re after a galaxy-like light grey stone or a darker, more mysterious stone, your one-of-a-kind choice will be uniquely yours.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a salt & pepper diamond is to try avoid diamonds with big inclusions located near the setting as this may compromise the structural integrity of the ring and make it prone to cracking.


Check out 5 stunning salt & pepper diamond ring styles below



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