Can I insure my jewellery or watch with Centrestone?

We insure all new or existing jewellery and watches that are in good condition.

What do I do if I need to make a claim?

Please send an email to claims@centrestone.com.au as soon as possible. You will be assigned a dedicated team member to take you through the claims process and handle the repair or remake with the jeweller for you.

Can I insure items under $3,000?

Any item over $3,000 can be insured independently. Any item under $3,000 such as wedding bands or other items of jewellery can still be insured, but only if you have an existing policy or the total amount insured is over $3,000

How much is the excess to make a claim?

Having your jewellery lost or stolen is stressful and upsetting, so we don’t want to rub salt in the wound. The excess to make a claim with Centrestone is $50 only.

What will the valuation of my jewellery be?

For new jewellery, we insure at the purchase price unless it has been heavily discounted and can’t be replaced for the same amount. For existing jewellery, we insure at current market replacement value of the item.

Why is Centrestone different to simply adding jewellery to my home and contents insurance?
  • We will work with your original jeweller to replace your jewellery with the same level of quality and workmanship as your previous item.
  • If the replacement value of your jewellery has increased dramatically due to changes in $USD exchange rate or cost of materials, we will cover you up to 125% of the agreed value.
Can I have multiple items of jewellery insured under the one policy?

You can add additional items of jewellery to your existing Centrestone Insurance Policy. If you have an existing policy and want to add new items to the policy, simply send an email to contact@centrestone.com.au with the details of your existing policy and the item you would like to add and we will be in contact to finalise the insurance.

Will I be covered if I travel overseas with my jewellery?

Unlike some home and contents insurance, Centrestone has automatic worldwide cover so you can enjoy your holiday with peace-of-mind.