The world’s first GIA certified all-diamond ring

A 13.15-carat fancy dark grey all-diamond ring has become the latest attempt at crafting a ring completely out of diamond. While all-diamond rings have been produced in the past, GIA have stated that “This is the first example of a solid diamond ring submitted to GIA for identification.”

Reid Mackie, who currently works as the vice president of Diamond Marketing for Mountain Province, had the ring sized to his wife’s finger. He is particularly proud of the final product although he did comment that being all diamond it tends to scratch softer surfaces. Their favourite wine glasses is one such victim to the all-diamond ring. His wife now wears the ring on a chain around her neck. It attracts a lot of attention, Mackie saying that “People at first don’t believe it’s diamond.”

Where did the name the “Beaufort” come from?

The all-diamond ring originated from a 20-carat rough stone located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It took 2 years to create the ring from the rough stone using laser technology.  The final product was very unique and had a greyish blue colour. Mackie claimed that it “looked like it had a storm trapped inside”. The ring’s colour reminded him of the Beaufort front, a weather front which causes annual storms in the South Carolina. Subsequently, he decided to name the ring the Beaufort. GIA experts say the rings unique look is from graphite needles which became trapped in the diamond during its formation. Wouldn’t you agree it makes for a stunning and unique piece?


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