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A luxury watch goes beyond functionality – it is an experience and an investment in a beautiful work of art that will be handed down from father to son, mother to daughter. Luxury Watch Insurance is means by which to protect your treasured timepiece now and in the future with our Quality Assurance Guarantee.

Like anything, a luxury watch is not immune to accidental damage, loss or theft. Common accidents include:

  • Cracked glass due to shocks
  • Damage to the mechanism due to exposure to strong magnetic fields
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Corrosion due to exposure to chemicals such as petrol or cleaning products which can decay the water resistant seal and damage leather strap or metal casing.


Centrestone offers an insurance policy that has been tailored specifically for the needs of luxury watch cover.

Standard home and contents insurance that covers everything from your toaster to your Rolex will treat both as one and the same. Often the insurer will try to replace the item for the cheapest option possible, or pay a fraction of the replacement cost of the item.

We’re different – Centrestone will cover up to 125% of the insured amount of your item to allow for any increases in the replacement cost of your watch.

Luxury watches are made to be worn, so wear yours with confidence with the knowledge that you’ve got Centrestone protection.

Why Centrestone

Policy Features
Deal with your preferred jeweller for any remake or repair
If an item cannot be replaced for the insured value, we will cover an additional 25%
Revaluation of your jewellery every year to match replacement cost
Flat fee of $50 on all claims
You are assigned a dedicated team member to handle the claims and remake process from start to finish
Cover for accidental loss, damage and theft
Add wedding bands, additional jewellery or watches to your existing policy
All specific details of insured items are stored securely for instant retrieval when needed
Instant cover for your precious jewellery
Worldwide travel cover

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