Where Should You Store Your Jewellery When Not Wearing It?

So now that you know when you should take your ring off (If not, see here!) all you need to know is where to store it when it is no longer on you.

Establishing a good routine for where you leave your jewellery when you remove it is the smartest way to avoid forgetting where you have left it, preventing it from becoming vulnerable to loss or theft. Depending on where you are when you remove your ring, it is a good idea to make sure you leave it in the same location each time to form a habit.

If you are at home swimming or gardening, valuable jewellery should be left in a locked room when it is removed. If your home is fitted with a safe, this is the most secure method of protection.

Holidays are filled with plenty of excuses to walk down to nearby beaches or relax near a pool. Most hotel accommodations have a safe in the master bedroom, which is the perfect location to make sure that your jewellery isn’t stolen on the beach or lost in the sand.

Gyms often provide lockers for your possessions. While you are punching out your session make sure it is safely stowed away with the rest of your valuables.

If you are travelling for an extended period of time and decide not to take your jewellery, you can opt to put it into a safety deposit box at your bank for a fee.

Of course you cannot always foresee times when you might need to remove your ring. Make sure you have Centrestone Jewellery Insurance for those unexpected times so you have peace of mind if it ever is lost or stolen.

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